When you think about your current weight, the actual number, what feeling does it bring up? If I told you to step on the scale after reading this, what’s the first thought that comes to mind before getting on it?

Many of my clients are clear on the number they weigh now and the number they want to be. What they don’t understand is if they’re so dissatisfied with where they are then why can’t they stick with the healthy actions they need to take to get them to their goal weight?

This is where it’s important to start taking note of what your thoughts and feelings are around the current number on the scale.

Many people will take action from a negative emotion like frustration but few will transform that into a more positive feeling.

This matters because although the frustration motivated change it can’t sustain it, it’s too exhausting. If you feel bad, ashamed, angry frustrated about your weight, those feelings are likely the reason you haven’t reached your goal.

Now I know it also doesn’t work to try and fake it and say you love the number, that you feel joyful, etc. But doing the mental work to get you to a better emotional place is important and possibly the reason your goal weight has been eluding you.

Once you can start moving towards a more positive relationship with your body, not hating it because of the number on the scale, weight loss usually follows.

How you ask? For one, you remember your intrinsic value and start respecting yourself more. This means not eating the cookie when you feel bad (sorry to break it to you, that isn’t self care, it’s avoidance). Instead you get curious as to why you feel crappy and look for healthy ways to feel better or sit with it if that’s what you need.

When you appreciate your body now, you’re able to look back and see the accomplishments you’ve made so far on your weight loss journey.

Seeing the little wins achieved will be the motivation that fuels you forward toward your goal.

Again, if your only focus is where you are now (and hating it) compared to where you still have to go (seems so far away), you’ll be discouraged, likely overwhelmed.

Here are some questions to start investigating what kind of mindset you currently have around your weight. I strongly encourage you to grab a pen and paper and write this down. Avoid the temptation to passively participate and try to answer in your head; it won’t be nearly as effective.

After you finish the exercise come back here and leave a comment, I’d love to hear how it went.