Fueling Intuitively

I’m a Sports Dietitian working with female runners like you, wanting to fuel your training without constantly thinking about food. The only problem is you’ve tracked your meals for so long you don’t know how to stop without feeling out of control.

You deserve a life that is bigger than trying to be a certain number on a scale. I’ll help you find freedom from food and peace with your body so that you can focus on crossing more finish lines.

Do you:

  • Prepare a perfect kale salad for lunch, have cauliflower rice at dinner, then find yourself unable to stop snacking on chocolate.  
  • Do wish you could be like your friends who order anything off the menu without giving it a second thought.   
  • Resent having to run longer because you had a “cheat” food. 
  • Dream what it would be like to eat food without worrying about how many calories it has. 
  • Feel confused about how to fuel your training without rules or tracking every bite. 

Imagine what it would be like to feel confident and in charge of how you’re fueling and nourishing your body without rules.

What if you were finally allowed to eat what sounds good to you   without feeling anxious or guilty. 

 What would it be like to believe you and your body were on the same team. 

What would you do with that extra mental space when you’re no longer preoccupied by the peanut butter in the pantry.

You’re a smart, successful woman who looks to push your mental and physical limits. As a runner you know the impact good nutrition has on your performance but you have a feeling you’ve taken it too far. You’re not enjoying training as much and despite eating “clean” you don’t feel like you have the energy you should. 

Fueling Intuitively is a 3 month coaching program to help you unravel your diet mentality and respect the strong body you’re in. You’ll discover the reasons why you’ve felt out of control around food and why diets make it worse not better.

You’ll Learn:

  • The importance as a female to meet your bodies energy demands so can you run faster and without injury. 
  • How to trust the signals your body is giving you about hunger, fullness, satisfaction, and cravings so you can delete the tracking apps for good and listen to your body.
  • Why diets don’t work and how they make us feel more out of control around food despite all the rules. 
  • How to build meals and snacks that support your training and leave you feeling satisfied.

The Program Includes:

The Warm-Up

Before we meet you’ll answer a few questions about you, your training, lifestyle, and your diet. You’ll also complete a 3 day food log prior to our strategy session. By better understanding how you’re currently fueling your workouts and body, I can identify where to focus our time during the strategy session.

Strategy Session

In this 60 minute video consult we’ll review your current eating habits, relationship to food, diet history, and training goals. By the end of the session you’ll have a plan in place to start dropping the diet mentality and finding peace with food. You’ll finally feel like it’s possible to feel confident in your body and how you fuel it.

Coaching Calls

After the initial strategy session you’ll have five (5) 45 minute coaching calls over the 3 months to support you with letting go of your food rules while fueling your training. Learning how to eat more mindfully and intuitively doesn’t happen overnight, I’m here to support you every step of the way.



In between coaching sessions you’ll receive worksheets and tools to put into practice and develop your intuitive eating muscle. This is where you’ll put what you’re learning into action, just like a weekly training plan, so that you can find freedom with food. 

You’ll also have access to Eatlove, my meal planning software that will show you how to stay well fueled as an athlete and save you time at the grocery store. 


Fueling Intuitively isn’t another diet, protocol, 30 day challenge, or detox. It’s a program to help you get back in touch with you. Your body is intelligent and knows exactly what it needs for optimal health and performance, I’m going to show you how to listen to it again.

Let’s Get Started!

If you’ve been desperately wanting a life that doesn’t revolve around counting macros but aren’t sure where to start, sign up for Fueling Intuitively today.

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