Healthy Lifestyle and Performance Nutrition Services

For many exercise alone doesn’t shed the extra pounds, put on muscle, or move the needle on optimizing performance. To see real progress you have to make what you put in your mouth as important as showing up to workouts each week.

The same goes for any event or competition you’re training for, not fueling properly can determine how well you’ll perform.   

You’re smart and know that eating more vegetables, less sugar, and processed foods, is without a doubt good for you

But if it were that simple you’d be eating this way already and on track to reaching your goals. So why is it so darn hard to just eat healthier?

Anyone can follow a meal plan but to create lasting change, lose the pounds, and hit peak performance you need more than just a list of good and bad foods.

You need:

  • To understand the behaviors that are slowing down or stalling your progress.
  • A game plan for what to do when sabotage strikes.
  • Someone to support you and help you as you navigate the obstacles in the way of your health.

Or you can keep doing what you’ve been doing

  • Eating the same foods that keep your weight, performance, or recovery from improving or moving forward.
  • Struggling through low energy at 3 pm every day or in the middle of a workout.

If you’re ready to take action and make a change to your health then Sports Nutrition coaching is for you.

These programs go further than a simple meal plan. They include evidence based guidelines from a Sports Dietitian and strategies to implement the right habits that you need to really hit your goals and stay there.

       Optimizing health and performance using whole foods          

Weight loss for Active Lifestyles

If you’re goal is weight loss but keep snacking in evening let me help you get back on track.

Performance Nutrition Coaching

Are you ready to increase your strength, endurance, or beat that PR?

Al Carte Nutrition Services

Additional services to support your health and performance goals.