Weight loss for Active Lifestyles

You’re committed and disciplined when it comes to your workouts each day, but like clock work each evening you give in to too many squares of chocolate or glasses of wine.

It’s becoming exhausting to be constantly thinking about food and what you should or shouldn’t put in your mouth

It seems like the only the direction the scale will go is up, despite hours of exercise and salads at every meal.

If you’ve trained for a marathon or crossed the finish line of your first triathlon then you know what discipline and dedication look like. That’s why it’s so maddening that you can’t seem to use the same willpower to stick to a diet.

What if you believed your body was working with you and not against you?

That’s where I come in! I’ll help you identify the specific fueling and mindset habits to implement so that you can start shopping for smaller clothes and set new PR’s at the next race. You need a coach and partner who understands the demands of training for a half marathon or Ironman. I’ve not only participated in these events but as a Sports Dietitian I’ve studied and understand the science as well.


In this 6-week coaching program you will:


Learn the tools and strategies to be in control of your cravings so the chocolate in the pantry stops calling to you every night.


Identify the foods that fuel you so you feel satisfied, energized, and never have to start another diet again.


Discover the different types of hunger and identify which one is keeping you from losing weight.

This Program Includes:

Lifestyle and Training Questionnaire

In this pre-session questionnaire we’ll take a detailed look at your diet and habits around food to lay the groundwork for assessing what’s keeping you from losing weight.

90 minute Coaching Session

During this private phone or video session I will help you trouble shoot and uncover the reasons you’ve struggled with weight loss despite hours of exercise. I’ll give you tools to overcome the most common mental barriers that keep the number on the scale from budging.

Fueling and Lifestyle Guide

After our session I’ll provide you a detailed fueling guide that outlines how to create meals to optimize your performance and supports your weight loss goals.

Beyond the Scale Worksheets

This is where the real work comes in and how we’ll uncover the root cause why you’ve struggled with the scale. Once that’s identified you’ll have the tools to getting off the diet roller coaster.

Weekly Support

Change is rarely easy and requires consistent action, especially when it comes to the way we eat and think. You’ll check in with me weekly via email to review your progress, ask questions, and make any adjustments to keep you moving toward your goal.

Progress Check-in

Week three and six of the program we’ll schedule a 30-minute check-in session over the phone to review what’s been working well and where you still may be stuck. Together we’ll discuss what you need to keep you moving forward.

This isn’t like any other diet you’ve invested in. Anyone can give you a meal plan that can work for a little while, but I’ll help you uncover the root cause to why you can’t keep the weight off.

Who this is for:

  • If you know there’s a better way to losing weight than another restrictive diet.
  • You’re tired of fighting with your body and want to remember what it’s like to enjoy workouts.
  • You’re not looking for a quick fix and are ready to put in the work that creates long term results.

Is this what you’ve been looking for? 

Below is the link to my calendar to schedule a 15-minute discovery call with me to make sure this program is a perfect fit for you.


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