Stop Overthinking What You’re Eating

Sound familiar?

As a runner you eat better than most but if chocolates in the house if feels like you can’t stop eating it.

You’re exhausted with tracking everything that passes your lips but afraid if you stop you won’t be able to control what you’re eating.

You should have more energy and feel strong during runs but you’re tired most of the day and your workouts are feeling more difficult.

You thought an elimination diet would help you feel better and in control but you’re obessing about food more and your menstrual cycle has been irregular.

Imagine getting back to a natural and easy relationship with food where calories and grams never cross your mind.

Introducing Running Free, a program to help runners fuel their training while creating an uncomplicated relationship to food and body.

This looks like:

  • Going out to eat with friends without anxiety about the menu and having the mental space to be present in the conversation.
  • Focusing on how to fuel enough, not less to suppor training and health.
  • Feeling at peace with cookies, ice cream, or chocolate in the house.


Running Free is a 3 month program where you’ll learn:


Learn how to reframe your thoughts so you’re thinking less about food and focusing more on living life. 

Fueling with Freedom

Cut through all the noise online and learn evidenced based strategies to fuel your runs and support hormone health.

Body Acceptance

Finally feel like you and your body are working together so it feels like you both are excited to lace up the running shoes

This 3 Month Program includes:

Nutrition and Fueling Assessment

We’ll look at your current training and lifestyle to create a fueling plan that supports performance and health. You’ll receive a weekly meal plan (no calorie/macro info or tracking involved) that’s flexible and has over a 1000 recipes to choose from to make sure you’re meeting your fueling needs that includes flavor and fun!

1 on 1 Running Free Nutrition Coaching

In these biweekly, 45 minute virtual coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to feel less obsessive about food. With all the diet noise out there, shifting your mindset around food is no joke which is why I’ll be here every step of the way. You’ll also get support with fueling your training and performance goals. 

On Going Support

Just like running, changing our relationship with food takes consistent training and support to get to the finish line. Between coaching sessions you’ll get specific exercises that will help you take action on what you’re learning and stay focused on your goals. You’ll have access to a private client portal where you can message me with any questions between calls. 

I would recommend Suzanne because the intuitive eating mindset is not a fad, but a freeing lifestyle approach that can be maintained for the long haul. Suzanne expertly and compassionately walks you through your own thought processes to help you identify barriers preventing you from finding freedom with sweets.

Ann P.

Running Free: Stop Overthinking What You’re Eating 3 month program isn’t another diet, protocol, challenge, or detox. It’s a process to help you get back in touch with you. Your body is intelligent and knows exactly what it needs for optimal health and performance, I’m going to show you how to listen to it again.

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1. Click the button below to book a Discovery Call. 

Step 2. After finding a day and time for the call fill out the pre call questionnaire. 

Step 3. You’ll receive a confirmation email for the call, add the day and time to your calendar. 

Step 4. During the call we’ll see if this program is the right fit for you.

Investment: $397/month (3 month minimum commitment) 

*This program is not for you if you have an active eating disorder or are in the early stages of recovery. 

** Health insurance is not accepted. 


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