Running Free: 

Stop Overthinking What You’re Eating


As a runner you know better than most the nutritional value of food and the discipline required to cross a finish line. You’ve tried Whole30, paleo, and tracking macros to be healthier, run faster, and lose weight. 

But food has become more complicated the more you try to control what goes in your mouth. It feels like all you do is plan and think about what you should or shouldn’t be eating. 

You’ve declined invites out with friends because it’s too hard to track the macros from a restaurant meal and the anxiety isn’t worth it. But you know this can’t be sustainable and you’re starting to feel more and more alone. 

You’re getting tired of feeling guilty for having carbs at lunch and thinking you have to “burn them off” somehow later. You’re beginning to think there has to be more to life than constantly adding and subtracting calories. 

You know you might see a change on the scale when you start a new diet, but you know it won’t last because your energy will start to tank and your running will suffer. 

You wish somehow you could figure out a simple, healthy way of eating so you can feel good on runs and confident you’re supporting your body.



Imagine getting back to a natural and easy relationship with food where calories and grams never cross your mind.


You can take a rest day and fully enjoy the extra time to catch up on a show or a good book without guilt or anxiety. Meal decisions are uncomplicated and based on what sounds good and how the food will make you feel. 

You can make last minute plans to go out with friends without any hesitation, looking forward to a fun meal and catching up. You order the dessert and it never crosses your mind to compensate by running later.  

You finally feel normal around food and can have peanut butter and chocolate chips in the pantry without anxiety.


Sound Familiar?

  • Eating perfectly all day and avoiding the carbs to only give in once 3pm hits, snacking on crackers with hummus, then chips, until you’re too full for dinner. 
  • Stepping on the scale is a roll of the dice, if it’s a “good” number the day will be okay but if it’s not you’re frustrated with the lack of willpower and vow to avoid sugar again. 
  • Feeling exhausted by the constant meal planning or drained by the guilt for not making the “healthy” choice.

You’re smart, successful and focused in most areas of your life, if you’re given a training plan it’s a no brainer to follow.

But despite knowing more than most people about fueling and your body, you can’t figure out why sweets don’t last longer than 2-3 days in the house. 

If you want to overcome your cravings, another 30 day challenge isn’t the answer, you’ve tried them all.

What you haven’t focused on is your mindset and how it affects your desire for certain foods.



 In this 3 month program you’ll learn:


Learn a new method of understanding your brain and mindset to be in control of your desire for sweets so you can still enjoy ice cream and forget it’s in the fridge.

Food Freedom

Be able to have carbs in the house without them calling your name even if you’re stressed or bored.

Body Acceptance

Finally feel like you and your body are working together so it feels like you both are excited to lace up the running shoes

This 3 Month Program includes:

Mind and Fuel Inventory

In this questionnaire you’re going to start to uncover why you have the current relationship with food. Together we’ll take this information and create the path that will lead you to feeling confident in your body and how you fuel it.

Master Your Mind and Cravings Coaching

In these 12 weekly, 1-1 virtual coaching sessions, you’ll learn the key mindset skills that will free you from tracking and measuring food ever again. With all the diet noise out there, shifting your mindset around food is no joke which is why I’ll be here every step of the way.

Fueling with Freedom Process

Between coaching sessions you’ll get specific exercises that will help you take action on what you’re learning and stay focused on your goals. Just like running, changing our relationship with food takes consistent training and patients to get to the finish line.

I would recommend Suzanne because the intuitive eating mindset is not a fad, but a freeing lifestyle approach that can be maintained for the long haul. Suzanne expertly and compassionately walks you through your own thought processes to help you identify barriers preventing you from finding freedom with sweets.

Ann P.

Running Free: Stop Overthinking What You’re Eating 3 month program isn’t another diet, protocol, challenge, or detox. It’s a process to help you get back in touch with you. Your body is intelligent and knows exactly what it needs for optimal health and performance, I’m going to show you how to listen to it again.

Ready to Get Started?

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Step 4. During the call we’ll see if this program is the right fit for you.

Investment: $1200.00 (Payment plan available)

*This program is not for you if you have an active eating disorder or are in the early stages of recovery. 

** Health insurance not accepted. 


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