Nutrition Services

Workout tirelessly but still can’t beat your PR from 6 months ago.

Find you’re not recovering very quickly and needing more rest days.

You know the right fueling and nutrition are key to improve performance, but aren’t sure where to start with all the conflicting information online.

Performance Nutrition Optimizer

Imagine begin one that consistently finishes the WOD first or finally breaking that stubborn half marathon PR.

You’re an athlete, whether you spend most of your time in a gym or out on the road training for a race. That means you take your training seriously, it’s not just about getting your heart rate up to burn a few calories.

You’re interested in improving performance and pushing personal limits, but unless you’re fueling correctly it can take longer to reach those goals.

That’s where I come in! Performance Nutrition Optimizer that takes into account your individual needs and goals. You will have a fueling guide tailored to meet your lifestyle and training demands. I’ve not only participated in marathons and triathlons, but as a Sports Dietitian I’ve studied and understand the science of sports nutrition as well.

  • 60 minute fueling strategy session where I’ll give you guidance on how to build and time meals to optimize your performance.
  • Personalized Performance Nutrition Optimizer Guide. You’ll have a plan based on your body’s individual needs so you’re no longer wondering if you’re eating right.
  • Email support during first 4 weeks after receiving your guide to answer questions while you implement your plan.

Investment: 347.00

If you’re ready to take your health and performance to the next level then more hours of training isn’t the answer. Dialing in your nutrition is the piece that will get you there.


“I’ve started to eat foods that I previously had written off and am enjoying a greater energy level after working with Suzanne. She tailored my nutrition plan to my life, and that was a big thing because it helped me learn to be realistic about dietary changes. Suzanne’s athletic specialty makes it a great addition to someone like me with an active lifestyle.”

Other Services

Below are more resources for active individuals like you to optimize your nutrition, fueling, performance, and well being.

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Meal Planning

Following your training plan but aren’t seeing improvements in speed or power? If you’re wondering if you’re eating enough or how to fuel on race day a performance nutrition consult can help.