I’ve recently started dipping my toe into rock climbing but in all honesty it has not been easy for me. 

When you’re climbing outside the path up a rock wall isn’t completely obvious and if it is, based on your body type and skill, you still have to figure out how you’ll get to the next hold.  

The uncertainty of not knowing exactly where the next hold was and if I could reach it while also letting go of control and trusting my climbing partner was not easy for me. 

But I learned that the more I leaned in and trusted the process along with a willingness to get it wrong and fall, the more I started to enjoy climbing. 

Like rock climbing, finding food freedom means there isn’t a clear, black and white path that says eat xyz food at these times, on these days. If you’ve been used to diets telling you what and when to eat for a while, letting go of that will feel very awkward and wrong. 

But it’s just a new skill you’re learning and if there’s a willingness to get it wrong so you can figure out what works for you, then it will get easier. 

Letting go of food rules for many means giving up control and trusting a brand new process. 

But you don’t have to do it alone, you can have a partner guiding you in the right direction and supporting you when you fall. 


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