Running Free of Sugar Cravings


Stop Resisting and Start Understanding

Your Desire for Sweets


You make a healthy breakfast, have a kale salad at lunch, but can’t figure out why you have no self control around chocolate when 3pm rolls around. It’s frustrating that you can swear off sugar for a month, decide to have 1 cookie, then next thing you know you’re eating them with every lunch and dinner. You feel crappy, bloated, tired and unmotivated after the 4th cookie but still find yourself reaching for more. 

You’ve done the Whole 30 multiple times, tried paleo but are tired of having to avoid office parties or invites out with friends just to stay compliant with the diet. As a runner you know all there is to know about your  body, healthy eating, and tracking macros, but when anything stressful happens next thing you know you’re eating chocolate peanut butter cups. 

You’re tired of making promises to yourself that you’ll quit sugar, only to break it once you’re home after a long day. You have a successful career, are disciplined with workouts but feel like a failure for giving in to sweet cravings. You’re tired of this hamster wheel but it doesn’t feel possible to be free of the hold chocolate has over you.

What if you were mentally free from thinking about sugar?

Imagine having ice cream in the freezer and enjoying 1 scoop then moving on without a second thought to play with your kids or spend time with your partner. You can go to work knowing the hershey kisses at your coworkers desk no longer call your name so you’re getting more done with more focus. You wake up feeling light and ready for a run without any fear that last night’s snacking will weigh you down. 

Now that cravings for sugar are in the rear view mirror, you can meet friends after a run for coffee and donuts with all of your attention on the conversation. You finally trust yourself to cope with stress in a way that feels productive.

With more confidence in how you’re fueling yourself, you have more mental energy to focus on training for a marathon, starting that online business, or putting yourself out there to go on dates. 

Sound Familiar?

Do you: 

  • Dread most evenings because you’re not sure if you’ll have the willpower to stop at just one dark chocolate square? 
  • Wonder why you feel so controlled by sweets despite eating healthier than most. 
  • Feel frustrated that you haven’t figured this out despite multiple sugar detoxes. 
  • Hate waking up in the in morning filled with regret for what you ate, hoping your pants don’t feel tighter.

I’m a Sports Dietitian who helps active women like you feel free around sugar and confident in how you’re fueling your training. You’ll learn how to make peace with food and end the obsessive thinking around what you should or shouldn’t put in your mouth.

After this program you will:

  • Have the tools and confidence to understand and manage cravings. 
  • Feel in control of your food choices and no longer wake up feeling like you have to start another diet. 
  • Have the mental space to be more present with loved ones because you’re no longer worrying about the cookies in the pantry
  • No longer feel guilty if someone sees you eating cake because you know the meals and treats you’re eating are supporting your running.

 I would recommend Suzanne because the intuitive eating mindset is not a fad, but a freeing lifestyle approach that can be maintained for the long haul. Suzanne expertly and compassionately walks you through your own thought processes to help you identify barriers preventing you from finding freedom with sweets.


The Program Includes:

The Warm-Up: Mind and Fuel Inventory

You’re a unique individual and your body has specific needs which is why I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. This inventory is my opportunity to really get to know you and start to understand how your thinking and fueling is affecting your craving for sugar. 

Start Line Strategy Session

In this 90 minute video call in my private client portal, you’re going to learn why you have cravings for sweets and how to start feeling at peace with chocolate in the house. We’ll talk about the role exercise and timing of fueling impacts our cravings. You’ll understand the impact our thoughts have on our desire for certain foods and have the tools to shift that thinking. 

Daily Training: Master Cravings and End Resisting

This audio guide will give you the exact steps to creating a healthier relationship around sweets and feeling at peace with them in the house. This is an activity where you’ll put what you learned in the strategy session into action so you finally experience the freedom around food you’ve been longing for.


Rest and Recover Follow-up Session

In this 30 minute video follow-up session we’ll review how your training went and shifts you’ve seen with cravings. We’ll look at what went well and how to maintain this new food freedom.

Investment: $99.00


Running Free of Sugar Cravings isn’t another diet, protocol, 30 day challenge, or detox. It’s a program to help you get back in touch with you. Your body is intelligent and knows exactly what it needs for optimal health and performance, I’m going to show you how to listen to it again.

Let’s Get Started!

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