Have you ever been in a relationship or maybe watched a friend, where in the beginning everything is exciting and new. Maybe the person asks you to try new things that they like and you eagerly do, even if it would have never interested you before. 

And ever so subtly they continue to ask you to make compromises, change the way you act, and you go along because relationships are about sacrifice right? 

But then you find you don’t recognize yourself, there’s a lot of conditions that have to be met for this person to accept or love you. It feels like no matter how hard you try to do or say the right thing you’re still made to feel wrong, not good enough. You’re constantly walking on eggshells and it’s exhausting. 

Did you know getting in bed with a new diet plan is like getting into another bad relationship? 

Have you noticed that if you don’t get the promised results from that particular diet regimen you’re blamed and made to feel like a failure? The rules on what to eat are constantly changing, making it impossible to “eat right”. 

You’re only accepted in that diet community if you achieve a certain body size or never stray from the rules. It’s a very conditional kind of love but you stay because it’s “healthy”. 

Diets make promises of happiness and joy, and do seem that way in the beginning, but like any unhealthy relationship, as time goes on the true colors come out. 

So I say dump them! Kick dieting and food rules to the curb, and get your life back! 

If you want support during the break up process, join my Running Free of Cravings program, it will show you how to be free of diet culture and in control around food!

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