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You have oatmeal at breakfast, salad at lunch, but like clockwork each night you’re eating chocolate against your own will.

No amount of exercise seems to move the number on the scale.

Despite going all out during the WOD, that one person still seems to beat you at every workout. 

You’d love to feel confident that you’re fueling your body right and spend less time trying to figure it out. 

Going paleo again, trying Keto, or adding another hour to your workout isn’t the answer to moving that number down on the scale. Instead, imagine just not having the desire to overeat sweets and recovering faster after training.

How would your life be different if you no longer had to think what you’re going to eat at every meal?

I’m Suzanne Smith, a Sports Dietitian, and triathlete. I love helping active people lose the extra weight and improve performance while ending the obsessive thinking around food so they can get back to focusing on their training.

As a sports dietitian, I use my expertise to help my clients figure out which foods optimally fuel their training and lifestyle. Then we take a look at what habits and behaviors around meals are keeping them from their weight loss or performance goals. I give my clients the tools to rebuild a healthy relationship with food and their bodies that not only changes the number on the scale but also frees up mental space to focus on the life they want to create.

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Crossing the finish line of my first Ironman at Challenge Roth

More of my story

I have 10 years experience working as a Registered Dietitian. My first job was in a hospital but the reason I became a Dietitian was my passion for sports and fueling an active life. After gaining a few years experience in the clinical setting, I went back to school to receive my Masters degree in Sports Nutrition at Colorado Springs. I was fortunate enough to intern and work under the Sport Dietitians at the Olympic Training Center and see what it takes to fuel elite athletes. After receiving my masters I passed the exam to become a Board Certified Sports Specialist in Dietetics (CSSD) and started working with my fellow triathletes on fueling for performance and race day.

As I was participating in marathons and triathlons I noticed many of the women in my training groups were perplexed and frustrated that the scale wasn’t moving after hours of workouts. Instead of enjoying training and racing they were spending too much time tracking every bite and being frustrated that the scale wasn’t budging.

That’s when it clicked and I knew exactly how I wanted to show up as a Sports Dietitian. I want to help others not only lose the weight and improve performance but end obsessive thinking around food and their bodies. I believe a meal plan alone isn’t enough, which is why I take a different approach of combining mindset with healthy eating, that’s when the real results happen.