Yes we’re talking about sex and orgasm over here!

Our mental and physical health is affected by a variety of things, and being able to experience pleasure, inside the bedroom and out, should be on the list of healthy promoting behaviors. 

Unfortunately our current culture that’s obsessed about certain body types and eating the “right” way to get there, disregards the importance of pleasure. 

There are many factors that go into your ability to experience an orgasm with or without a partner, improving your relationship with food and your body will make the process a whole lot easier. 

Here are the 3 most common ways dieting can interfere with pleasure and what to do instead. 

#1 You’re not eating enough to meet your body’s needs for fuel. 

Overtime calorie deficits can cause the body to send less energy to our reproductive hormones and this has been shown to reduce libido.

When your body isn’t receiving what it needs for day to day functioning, it will conserve energy. It does this by slowing us down unconsciously, expending energy in the bedroom becomes less of a priority, therefore starts to sound less appealing. 

Start reconsidering that fasted morning run or skimping on the carbs at dinner. Instead focus on making sure your body has energy it needs not just for workouts but any extracurricular activities!

#2: There’s no room to think about pleasure if all your mental energy is going to what you should or shouldn’t be eating. 

A common barrier to better orgasms is staying focused in the moment. Feeling guilty for having girl scout cookies can be enough of a distraction to block pleasure. Trying to control our body size and what we eat takes up a lot of mental real estate leaving little left over to put toward pleasure. 

Dropping the food rules and working on body acceptance can free up the mental space for you to get curious and explore being intimate with a partner or yourself.

#3. Turning to diets or programs to tell you when and what to eat disconnects you from your body and it’s cues. 

Following a meal plan from a stranger or app can cause us to ignore our body’s cues and which can create confusion and distrust between you and your own body.

Human sensations include thirst, the urge to pee, hunger, fullness, emotions, and feeling turned on. But the more you ignore or disregard these cues the harder it is to feel and trust them. Better orgasms happen the more connected you feel to your body.

Healing your relationship with food and body will reconnect you to all it’s different cues. Being attuned to your body and trusting it’s sensations can be key to better orasms during masterbation or with a partner.

We get pleasure through a variety of ways such as food, connection with friends, being in nature, and sex. But for many they’ve been so distracted by the pursuit of weight loss or perfect health, that their need for pleasure has been ignored. If you’re feeling out of control around certain foods or like you can’t have chocolate in the house, it could just be sign you need more pleasure in your life. 

It’s perfectly normal to experience pleasure from food, but when it becomes your only source it will feel like you can’t stop at just 2 oreos. 

If you’re wanting more fun in the bedroom or more pleasure, start by looking at your current relationship to food and body, what’s one thing you can start doing today to improve it?

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