Do you find you’re constantly hungry and fighting the urge to snack despite having a better diet than most? Is it frustrating that you have the discipline to cross the finish line of a marathon but can’t make it a day without something sweet? Are you tired of wondering or even obsessing over what you should or shouldn’t be eating to improve performance?

I’m Suzanne, Sports Dietitian and I help runners, triathletes, and avid exercisers who eat pretty healthy but still struggle with losing the last 10lbs or eating the right foods to improve performance.

As a sports dietitian, I understand the science around fueling for performance but find it’s only one of the many pieces to creating the results you want. When I work with clients we uncover all the reasons behind the scale not budging or why their performance is stalling. Diet is an important part of the equation but not the only one, that’s why online meal plans are short lived. I not only look at what clients are putting into their mouth but we dive into their daily habits, sleep, stress, and mindset so the results last long term.

You’ve already tried every diet out there, let me show you a different approach. 

       Finally have the confidence that what you’re eating is supporting your health and performance