You follow your training plan perfectly but don’t understand why you can’t have the same discipline with chocolate in the evenings.

You thought tracking macros was suppose to help you eat better but it’s only made you more obessed and out of control around food.

You want to go out to a meal with friends and pick what you want on the menu without  anxiety or guilt.  

Training you once loved you’ve started to resent because you haven’t lost the weight you think you should have. 

Are you ready to fuel your body without rules?

Hi! I’m Suzanne Smith, Certified Sports Dietitian, working with women like you, who love running but are tired of constantly thinking about food. You want to drop calorie counting and let carbs back into your life but have no idea where to start or are worried you’ll gain weight. I’ll help you relearn how to trust your body and feel confident in the way you fuel it.

Let’s work together!

Your time is too precious to be spending it chasing another diet trend, let me take the confusion out of eating. Take a look below at ways I can help you reach your performance goal without giving up your favorite foods. 

Meal Planning

If you’re a runner, triathlete, or cyclist and short on time, my meal planning software gives you your time back with weekly meal ideas, recipes, and done for you grocery lists.

Food Freedom For Athletes

It’s possible to fuel your body without restriction and feel confident in the skin you’re in. Let me show you how.

Performance Nutrition

Following your training plan but aren’t seeing improvements in speed or power? Meeting your energy availability as an athlete improves performance, recovery, and health. If you’re wondering if you’re eating enough or how to fuel on race day  a performance nutrition consult can help.